Ponyboy’s ability to dream so vividly provides him with escape from the grim circumstances of his life. The passages that take place in Windrixville are patterned around Ponyboy’s sleeping and waking lives and the differences between them. Hope—represented by dreams—and reality—represented by being awake—stand in stark contrast until the moment when Ponyboy and Johnny view the sunrise.

At this point in the story, Robert has rejected Edna, refusing to embroil them both in the inevitable scandal that would come from Edna leaving Léonce. Worse than the heartbreak, Edna realizes that Robert does not truly understand her. Her initial attraction to Robert comes from him treating her like a human being, but he nevertheless assumes he knows what’s best for her. This painful moment breaks Edna’s illusion that she could be in love with a man who saw her as truly an equal individual. To make matters worse, Edna realizes that even if she has an affair or leaves Léonce for Robert, she cannot escape her responsibilities to her children. As she approaches the beach, she imagines her children as “antagonists,” the direct opposition to her happiness.

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‘The Lottery’ by Shirley Jackson, depicts the story of a town which has a yearly custom of holding a lottery wherein they pick one resident of the town to murder. Jackson utilizes irony and symbolism to convey how individuals must not follow rituals without an explanation. Your book is likely more complicated than a fairy tale. Let’s look at some examples of central ideas in other works.

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